Green Fever

Green Fever
September 9, 2008, 12:00 pm
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I am conducting an study on the “Green Fever” that is sweeping the nation.   I will be specifically researching Residential home construction and new products and techniques being used in their construction.

Now, this will not be yet another soap box presentation about how ‘we need to go green,’ but rather investigating how much of this green phenomenon is hype, a craze, a fad, a fever…  When I first came up with the initial idea it was Spring 2008.  It seemed like over the summer all these new green products and ideas popped up like weeds in a garden.  When I began my study, “Going Green” was no longer on the cutting edge… at lest not AS cutting edge as it was.  It seems now that every company and every product we use now has a green counterpart.

Through my investigation I will delve into how much this “Green Fever” is about a different kind of green…

I will continue to post information as I gather it to help inform you about new products and trends.  My ultimate goal- to help you make the right decisions about new products and ignore a fancy new sticker on the same old package…  follow along


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