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Low VOC Paint
September 16, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Paint is the finishing touch of most all new home building and remodeling.  We all know that paint can make or break a room.  Most of us think about color and color only, some may think about texture, consistency, pigment saturation, etc; but most just think color, plain and simple.  Lets explore another common aspect of painting, the smell…

If you’ve every painted a room in your house, you know that it gets stinky- fast.  As soon as you pop the lid of the paint bucket, the room is quickly permeated by an oh so lovely odor, mainly cause by something called VOC’s.

Basically VOC’s smell, and are what make you lightheaded (if not painting with proper ventilation), and make the room smell like fresh paint for up to a week after the paint is actually dry.  The VOC’s can even cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals who may have an allergy or sensitivity to some of the compounds.

Fortunately this product comparison is easy, no really hidden things to look at like in bamboo versus domestic hardwood flooring (but remember domestic bamboo is on the rise so don’t forget to check out those options!).  Low and No VOC paints are now widely commercially available from major retailers like Sherwin Williams and others.

I know from personal experience that their new ProGreen line (under commercial or industrial product, there is home use version too) is great.  Upon selecting it to test out on a major renovation project that I managed, the first concern was overall performance as well as performance to cost ratio.  First, the ProGreen paint performs just as well as its ‘normal VOC’ counterpart ProMar.  Durability, color, drying time- all equal.  As for odor, the ProGreen line had a strong paint smell for a few minutes upon opening the can and applying it to surfaces, but within 10-15 minutes, all ‘new paint smell’ was gone.  By the time the paint was totally dry, there was absolutely no evidence of fresh paint other than a nice fresh appearance.

Apples to Apples- Sherwin Williams ProGreen 200 Latex Semi-Gloss vs. Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Latex Semi-Gloss, Green wins, hands down.  At negligible increases in costs (especially on the commercial scale, we’re talking $1-2 per gallon increase over the ProMar), this new paint is great.  This product also works great for commercial or office settings where the office can’t shut down for a week due to paint smell and off gassing.  I suggest using this product to anyone who mentions renovations or painting in general, especially those with a sensitive nose or small children that they do not want exposed to the harsh chemicals found in ‘normal’ paint.


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